Friday, 31 May 2013


Another item from Marian's clear out was some 'Fibre film', non-toxic
Tyvek sheets of bonded spun polythene fibres. I painted some areas with
watered down acrylic paints which I had left over from painting some
fabric. I cut out some spirals with scissors - I chose spirals as they
would fit in with this month's Sketchbook Challenge
I followed the instructions for melting and shrinking using an iron. It
did not work quite like I remembered, although I don't think I have used
tyvek since I was doing the City & Guilds course. Some places on the
tyvek have worked better than others, but there are places where it is
still white underneath, not shrunk at all. It could be that it does not
work as well when it gets older, it could be the paint I used, it could
be the heat source [although my craft iron is hotter than my clothes
iron], it could be my technique.
I decided to use some of the spirals on my hand painted and stamped
fabric and stuck them down lightly with a glue stick. I follow Take a
stitch Tuesday at Pintangle [] and decided to use
the current stitch on the green spiral - up and down feathered
buttonhole stitch. On the blue spiral I used fly stitch and feather
stitch on the purple spiral. And then lots of beading and some sequins.....

 LinsArt x

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