Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Foiling Around

I met up with some of the girls last Thursday at Marian's. She had been sorting through her 'treasure' and there were some things she no longer wanted. Instead of just adding it to my stash I thought I would do something with some of it straight away. Among the items were some transfer foil sheets which I have not used since collage and I knew I had some of the special glue somewhere to use. I found the glue but it was solid. The other alternative was to use bondaweb or bonding powder. It took me a while to locate but I eventually found my bonding powder. Then I read the instructions and saw that the foil could be used with laser prints, I had never used them this way so I thought it would be a good experiment. They worked well even thought the prints were quite old. The roll of gold foil didn't work as well as the rest, it did transfer, but just where it wanted too and not just on the print. I'm afraid the photographs don't look too good, some parts look black where they are actually foiled.

- LinsArt

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